Project work for Bachelor students of mechanical engineering (production and system engineering and mechatronics)

The bottom advertised project topics are suitable for students of fields of expertise and production systems engineering and mechatronics.

The mandatory registration for the project work must be in the first two weeks of a semester by enrolling in Stud.IP: Project work in the production and system engineering done (also students of the competence field Mechatronics). A Subjects agreed with the appropriate supervisor has to take place Timely, but is also possible even after registration.

Students who started their Bachelor studies before WS 2012/13 have received for their project work 8 LP. This corresponds to a expenditure of time of 240 hours.

Students who are enrolled only since WS 2012/13, received only 6 LP for project work (Workload: 180 hours). The project work may depend on the choice of subjects as individual or group work be performed. For individual work must be provided, most recently, applications in the Faculty.

Each project consists of a tutorial (6 LP / 4 LP):
theoretical and / or practical work at the Institute and the Providing additional qualifications) and a seminar (2 LP).
The following additional qualifications are concomitantly in five tutorials provides:

  •     Project and time management
  •     literature review
  •     Measurement and Evaluation
  •     academic writing
  •     Presentation and film design

Attendance at all tutorials is compulsory! The exact dates of the tutorials are the Stud.IP: refer project work in the production and system engineering.

The seminar includes scientific lectures of students to the topics presented. In addition to those listed below Project work topics, there is a possibility on their own initiative to Employees of the institute to approach if real interest in whose themes is.

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