Dr.-Ing. Maher Matar

Areas of interest

  • Electromagnetically driven micro-pumps and micro-coils
  • Micro-sensor
  • Passive micro-mixers at low Reynolds number
  • Micro- and Meso- scale fluid dynamics at low Reynolds number
  • Energy systems optimization
  • Fluid power system control using meso-scaled openings in hydraulics


Research projects

Development of a microfluidic chip for life science applications

  • Development of a micro-pump
  • Optimization fo the magnetic field of the micro-coil, with minimum heat generation
  • Development of a flexible multi-optioned program to energize and control micro-pump
  • Development of micro-valve serves for high flow rate relative to low resistance and leakage
  • Fabricate a friendly-use fitting for micro-ports connection
  • Micro-pumps energy consumption vs. performance


Brief C.V.

Was born in 1981 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Higher Education

  • since 2011 studies PhD  at the faculty of mechanical engineering, TU Braunschweig
  • 2008-2010 studied Master of mechanical engineering at the University of Jordan
    • Master
      thesis title: Experimental investigation and numerical simulation for
      the coefficient of discharge for small opening orifice at low Reynolds
      number in a pilot operated relief valve
  • 1999-2004 studied Bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, at Al-Balqa’ applied university, Jordan

Works since 2011 as a research assistant at the Institute for Micro-technology, TU Braunschweig